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At Eva Lee & Associates, we provide a 100% guarantee period with each placement.

Our team is dedicated to making successful placements.

Permanent Placements

Our fee is based on a percentage of the candidate's annual salary.

We offer a 12 week pro-rated guarantee period, provided the fee is paid within 30 days of the invoice.

Temp to Permanent Placements

On occasion, candidates seeking full time positions are available to "test drive" the position. This can be a great opportunity for both the firm and the candidate to get a feel of the firm culture and work environment.

Our temporary to permanent fees apply after a candidate completes 2 weeks of temporary work. This is a reduced percentage of the candidate's annual salary.

Temporary and Long Term Contracts

Call us to discuss our hourly billing rates. We have a roster of candidates with a variety of experience who are interested in temporary to long term contracts.


If we do not have a suitable candidate for you within our current contacts, we will advertise and screen all prospective candidates to your specifications.

Alternatively, if your own ad has attracted prospects, we are able to assist with the screening process and provide a short list of the most qualified candidates. Our goal is to get positions filled quickly to assist with keeping your firm running smoothly.


Our careful screening process ensures our pool of candidates are qualified to assist you. We screen and reference check all of our candidates upon registration.


We have testing in the following areas:
Word (2003/2007), Typing, Spelling, Grammar.

We are happy to provide testing results for shortlisted candidates.

Arrangements can also be made to test your own candidates for a nominal fee.